Sunrise Beach


Ten years ago, the Summer Village of Sunrise Beach had both roads leading into the municipality paved by a local company. Council and Administration had very limited knowledge or understanding at the time on what the best way was to spend MSI Funds on this paving project. After talking to other municipalities, engineers and paving companies, a decision was made. This project was a huge expense for the municipality, but with several years of MSI funding saved from previous years, there was thankfully no financial burden to the municipality or rate payers.

The following spring, the municipality noticed that there were several areas where the pavement was starting to crack, as well, the seam in the centre of the road was opening. The local company that did the paving was out of business, so Sunrise Beach reached out to James at Allspec Asphalt for advice on the project.

James met on site with council for a hands-on look at the paved roads. They spent lots of time looking at the roads and discussing options. James took the time to explain why the roads were cracking and what the options were. The municipality spoke to another paving company who told them that the whole road would need to be re-done within five years.

Sunrise Beach has now worked with Allspec Asphalt for several years on these same two roads. Some years it’s just been small patch repairs and other years have included major repairs. James has always worked with council and administration on budget numbers, road closures and timelines. Everyone involved has learned a great deal after spending so much time on this project with James, and everyone else who was involved from Allspec Asphalt.