Trucking, Pilot Truck Service, Hot Shot Service

We have many types of transport configurations to meet your needs, including but not limited to the following:

Heavy Transport Trucks

  • Tandem Tractors
  • Tri-Drive Tractors


  • High-boys
  • Super “b” high-boys
  • Tri-axle step decks
  • Tri-axle end dumps
  • Equipment trailer – tri-axle with air folding ramps
  • 55-tonne tri-axle low-beds
  • 65-tonne tri-axle low-beds
  • S/A and T/A Jeeps
  • S/A and T/A Boosters

Pilot Truck Service

  • Fully outfitted Pilot trucks and traffic safety control

Hot Shot Service

  • 3/4 tonne pick-ups
  • 3-ton flatbeds
  • 5-ton flatbeds
  • S/A tractors
  • Picker trucks
  • Variety of trailer sizes