Drilling Services for Demanding Applications

RDE Construction’s Water Solutions operates out of Williams Lake, British Columbia, in the heart of the Cariboo. 

Drilling Services owns and operates a Foremost DR-24. The Foremost DR-24 is one of the safest and most productive drilling platforms on the market, with the ability to conquer BC’s rough terrain. Unlike older technology and conventional drilling techniques, the DR-24 can drill hole diameters from 6” up to 24”.

  • Domestic Water Wells — Residential wells
  • Artesian well drilling and control
  • Agricultural — Irrigation wells
  • Well closure services
  • Construction applications (screw piles, elevator shafts, etc.)
  • Industrial applications (Piezometers, vertical slope indicators, de-watering wells, blast holes, Reverse Circulation, etc.)
  • Environmental/ geotechnical wells/instruments:
    • slope indicators
    • vibrating wire piezometers
    • shape acetary
  • Angle and vertical drilled piles
  • Bridge piles
  • Screw piles
  • Observation wells
  • Exploration drilling
  • Cathodic protection

Domestic, Agricutural and Industrial Water Systems

Providing technical and on-site support for all Domestic, Agricultural, and Industrial pumping systems, RDE is a full-service provider for management of water systems and components.

  • Domestic/residential 
  • Pump install and service
  • Agriculture
    • Pump install and service
    • Pivot maintenance and install
    • Irrigation supply delivery (haul out pipe, culverts, etc.)
  • Industrial
    • Pump install and service
  • Submersible pump installation and service
  • Vertical turbine pump installation and service
  • Horizontal centrifugal pump installation and service
  • VFD pump control systems
  • Pressure tanks

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