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RDE Construction are experts in exercising efficient and advanced construction methods. With multiple sectors to suit the needs of any project, see our list of services and specializations available.

From Project conception to completion

Construction Project Management

We can work with you from project conception to completion. By involving RDE Group from the beginning, we help you stay on time and on budget throughout the life of the project. Your project will be done right the first time with effective communication, quick and efficient decision making, and fast response time. We accomplish this with a strong work ethic, on-site flexibility, well-maintained equipment, and experienced people. 

You will have a completed project that is of high quality, is completed safely, and most importantly, exceeds your expectations.


We have extensive experience in all aspects of oil and gas works, from small diameter tie-ins to large diameter cross-country pipelines, and from conventional natural gas to heavy oil. We start with design-build at project conception, build the lease, develop the civil grading and rail transload, and construct and maintain the roads. Once the site is operational, we undertake well centre clean outs, stabilization, integrity digs, and environmental remediation and reclamation.

    • Integrity digs
    • Lease builds
    • Distribution services
    • Site development
    • Access construction and maintenance
    • Land expansion
    • Brush clearing
    • Stripping
    • Overburden removal
    • Grade stabilization
    • Sidings
    • Yard infrastructure
    • Utility installation
    • HDPE pipe fusing and installation



We are guided by an innovative and highly experienced management team with a large fleet of heavy earth moving equipment. We specialize in industrial site prep, road building, grading, development, and bare land reclamation and remediation. We are also experienced in the installation of underground utilities including HDPE pipe fusing with certified fusers. Our estimating and engineering team is capable of bidding for jobs throughout Western Canada.

  • Road deactivation and rehabilitation 
  • Water management 
  • Watershed restoration 
  • Environmental monitoring
  • Demolition
  • Waste Management
  • Contaminated Soils
  • Waste Transportation