Allspec Asphalt

Allspec Asphalt provides an array of residential and commercial paving services such as driveways, parking lots, street paving, line painting, asphalt maintenance, and resurfacing. The unobtrusive approach we take on projects makes us a preferred paving provider among cities, towns, and summer villages.

Why Work With RDE Group?

Allspec Asphalt is one of several service lines benefiting from RDE Group’s shared management support. Our service lines work together as one enterprise spanning multiple industries, including construction, transportation, rail, industrial, mining, commercial, residential, and oil and gas companies.

RDE will work with you from project conception to completion. By involving us from the beginning, you’ll stay on time and on budget. We accomplish this with a strong work ethic, on-site flexibility, well-maintained equipment, and experienced people. Your completed project will be high quality, completed safely, and most importantly, exceed your expectations.

  • Faster Service
  • Cost Effective
  • Simple Approach
  • Forward Thinking